Saturday, April 5, 2008

My Girls

While going through some pics this evening I found this picture that my husband took on Easter and just had to share it. I am blessed with 2 beautiful girly girls who also happen to have enough personality and attitude to share! I also have a son who is definitely not a picture person and he is also painfully shy. I adore them!

We just returned from my daughter's dance competition and they did great! I am so proud of them. They received a gold on one and a sterling silver on the other. They were let down because they did not place over all and one of them made a comment that they felt like the judges perferred more " suggestive'" dance moves and music that wasn't christian. I was so happy to hear that they already know that they are a little different and need to act a little different because of what they believe. My daughter said that she would rather dance to Toby Mac (they preformed to Ill-m-I) any day because it is so much better than all that other stuff anyway! I was so happy and I am also so fortunate that my daughter is able to do something that she loves and not make compromises!

Friday, April 4, 2008

God Stop Friday

It has been a little while since I last posted. Life has been really crazy for the last couple of weeks. Which leads me to my 1st God stop.

1. I am home this evening! Now I am not getting the opportunity to completely relax, but I am in my home and not running around doing something esle. I have been on the go for weeks now, but this week was particularly rushed. On Monday I took dinner to a couple at our church that just had a beautiful baby girl. On Tuesday a good friend of mine's father passed away and we(me and 2 other friends) went to the funeral. On Wed. I helped a friend in need( physically and mentally- if you knew her you would understand). On Thurs. my daughter had practice for a dance competition this weekend (please pray for her and her teammates) but I also received a phone call from a friend who had some tests done because her doctor was sure that she had kidney cancer and PRAISE GOD she did not and we were able to rejoice on the phone together.

2. I was rushing (okay -speeding) to a play that my daughter was in at school and one of my favorite songs, Shackles, came on the radio and I was able to praise him as loudly and as off key as I wanted because there was no one to cover their ears and beg for mercy. It was great.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I saw this on Patty's blog and thought it would be fun!

What I was doing 10 years ago.
Well I it had not even crossed my mind that it was 10 years ago this week that we moved back to Tennessee. My husband had been in the Air Force, but had just gotten out and had taken a job in St. Louis that he had worked at 1 day. We got a call very early that morning that his dad had been killed in a mining accident. While we were at the funeral my Grandfather came in and told me that my step-sister who was sixteen had just been killed in a car accident. We literally went drove back to Illinois (we lived a few miles from the Missouri state line) packed up and moved back to Tennessee so that there would be someone around to help my mother-in-law and her mother who lived right next door.

5 Things to do on my to do list.

1. Work at Mother's Day Out.
2. Grocery Shop
3. Pick up my daughter from school.
4. Go back and pick my son up from tutoring.
5. Children's choir practice.

5 Snacks I enjoy

1. Reeses Peanut butter cups.
2. Cheese
3.Ice cream
4. Doritos
5.Chips and French onion dip.

5 Things I would do if I was a billionaire.

1. Give to my church - maybe then we coud finally break ground for the new building.
2. Pay off my debt.
3. Make some home repairs to the money pit aka my house.
4. Shopped till I dropped.
5. Take my family and friends on a vacation.

5 of my bad habits

1. I am very forgetful.
2. Sometimes I don't let my children explain things before I jump to conclusions.
3.I am too busy and never give myself me time.
4.I drink way too much soda.
5. I am very hard on myself.

5 Places I've lived.

2. New Hampshire
3. Mississippi
4. Georgia

5 Jobs I've had.

2. Nanny
3. Shoe store
4.Daycare teacher/Asst. Director
5.Pre-K teacher

Now it's your turn.

Friday, March 7, 2008

God Stop Friday

Well it's Friday again. This week has flown by and I only have a few minutes before I have to head out the door.

1. We were concerned about Kendall's birth certificate for her passport. We never got hers because the forms were destroyed in our house fire and we just never got around to getting new ones. We were getting nervous about the time it would take to get it and then the time to get the passport. Well God worked it out for us and we have her birth cert.

2. I teach pre-k and there is a little girl in my class that has never been away from her mom. She started just a few months ago and instead of getting used to things and doing better she has been having a harder time each day. I am not kidding when I say she cried for 5 hours straight. I don't mean sniffels and tears I mean sobbing, screaming, moaning, and gnashing of teeth. Okay maybe I was kidding about the teeth. I prayed for her on Thursday in the parking lot before I went in. We also do a morning devotional with all the staff where we take turns doing the devotion. It was my assistant teachers turn and she has just been re-baptized and really been reborn. She has never prayed in public and has always asked someone else to close in prayer for her. She finished her devotion, took prayer requests, and then said God told her she had to pray today. She prayed the most amazing prayer that made me cry(not only for the word she spoke but because I know how nervous she is about that and for her boldness for Christ in her prayer). She also prayed for a calmness and comfort for this little girl. The little girl came in crying as usual and was very upset. After about 20 minutes she just looked at me and said "I guess my prayer didn't work and then just laughed. Within 10 minutes the little girl was fine and playing and smiling and laughing. Every other teacher that came by my room could not believe in the change in this child. I told my assistant that next time she feels God's urgency to pray to throw in a money tree for me.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

7 Weird Things About Me

I have been tagged for my first meme by Patty. I am quite weird so this should be a breeze.

1. I don't really like to go barefoot. I almost always have on socks. In the summer when I am wearing sandals I will put on socks as soon as I get home. I will also wear them until bedtime and then take them off because I like to be barefoot when I sleep. I have no idea why.

2. I am not a coffee drinker. I love the way it smells and have even bought coffee scented candles before. I will drink 4000 diet mountain dews a day to make sure I keep up on my caffiene though.

3. I hate tomatoes. Just the thought of them makes me gag a little. However, I love ketchup, pizza, and spaghetti sauce.

4. When I get the hiccups it sounds like i am burping.

5. I have taught my older children how to spell their name by putting them to the tune of B-I-N-G-O ( it's hard because my children have several letters in their names) and plan on doing the same with my youngest. Some times I will wake them up singing it to them. They still sing it sometimes when they don't think anyone is listening.

6. It depends on when you met me as to what name you call me. Wow!!! That could really mean a lot of different things couldnt it. But anyway, if you know me from my childhood you call me Jennie. If you know me from my high school years you call me Jennifer. Unless you are my aunt if you call me Jen you have only known me since I met my husband. And if you call me Jiffener you are either Ciera Moody or one of my bestest friends.

7. When I was 4 or 5 my mother worked in the office of the local radio station. They needed a child's voice for a commercial. It went so well that I made lots of commercials for them. I did one about a Dolly Parton song that I can't remember except I made reference to her "blessings". And in another one I kept having to say something about bats in the belfry and kept screwing it up.

Gee I am weirder that I thought I was. If you read this consider yourself tagged.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

God Stops

There have been lots of God Stops for me this week.

1. My weekend with Patty, Georgia, and Cecelia. We had so much fun. I really haven't had any down time in quite a while and it was just what I needed. I laughed, cried, etc. I didn't realize how badly I missed them until I spent time with them. I can't wait until next time.

2. My best friend (since we were in the 6th grade) came in for a visit yesterday and we spent the day shopping. Even though I didn't buy much we had a good time being goofy. She really loves my children and my 2 girls especially love her too. She is really interested in their lives and wants to know every little thing that has happened to them since the last time she has seen them. The four of us had a full day of quality girl time.

3. My family went to get our passport photos made ( mine is hideous) for a cruise that we are taking in August. This is a gift to us along with my husband's sisters and their families from my mother-in-law who will also be cruising with us along with her new husband. I have had mixed emotions about this trip because of my mother-in-law. Please don't think I am being ungrateful. You would have to know all of the history (and there is not a blog big enough to go there). While we were waiting for our pics to be developed my mother-in-law mentioned that my husband's younger cousin ( who has fought multiple bouts with cancer and is fighting another ) will also be going, along with his mom (who I adore) and my husbands "granny" ( who is a hoot at 80). I am now really excited to go. It should be a lot of fun.

4. Now for my big God Stop. I have someone from my past that brings back a very dark and hurtful time from my youth. Without gong into details I will just say that my life changed dramatically and I was very confused, hurt, embarrassed and did not feel that I would ever be the same. Even into adulthood I have carried this with me and at times just thinking about it would consume me with all those old emotions. I felt as if it would never truly be "in my past". I often wondered how I would react if I saw this person. Well, guess what. While shopping for a birthday present for a party that my 9 year old would be attending this weekend my 4 year old and I were in the toy department at Wal-mart. We were walking up an aisle and talking and then there he was. My body knew before my mind did. I tensed up, felt sick, and I am pretty sure that my blood pressure shot up too. I realized who he was and quickly walked on. All through this time my daughter and I never stopped our conversation. I saw him twice more before I left the store. I called my husband when I got in the car and said "I just saw him". My husband knew immediately who I was speaking of and started asking "What did you do?" What did you say?' I laughed and told him that was why I was calling, because I did nothing. I only felt sorry for him and thought where my life was then and where my life is now and somehow when I wasn't watching God had taken all of that for me. I wasn't that hurt teen anymore. I was just me. Make no mistake the old saying may be time heals all wounds, but God healed mine. I just had to go to Wal-mart to find that out.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

My First Post

Well now I have my own blog. Who knows where this will go! I am having a great time visting friends. I can't wait to get the day started. We are going to a movie, shopping, and to Dead Lobster!!!! They will have to roll me out of the restaurant. Then we are going to play Phase 10 and if you have ever played with us you would know that it can get a little fugly. It's going to be fun. I was a little down this morning, but God gave me a delight!!!!! It is SNOWING here!!!!!!!!! Something that we have not seen very much at home. It would be so funny if we got snowed in. Well, I have to get ready for my big day. I will try to be a good girl today, but I can't make any promises. After all I am in a season of rebellion( right Patty)! Right, Jennifer. God, I'm trying!! (Patty writing here)